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Who We Are

Bitcoin.com is a growing business with full, and part time people around the world. Bitcoin.com is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. The platform offers many helpful services such as helping people buy Bitcoins, choosing a Bitcoin wallet, keeping enthusiasts up to date with the latest Bitcoin news and giving anyone the opportunity to engage with the community on the Bitcoin.com Forum. Bitcoin.com is a commercial website that lists wallets, exchanges and other Bitcoin related companies.

Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin through education, products, and community.

Our Beliefs

  • To help people of all levels understand, acquire and use Bitcoin
  • We aim to accelerate a free world market and the movement to uphold liberty
  • The adoption of the first decentralized digital currency is essential to a sustainable global economy and freedom
  • We want to educate people on the value of Bitcoin in everyday life, but most importantly, the incredible potency of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • To create a thriving community, we offer people an unrivaled career opportunity and believe that helps foster a healthier ecosystem
  • We believe that creating the best cryptocurrency technology is our duty as Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com Perks

Experience the World

Bitcoin.com is a global business with offices in Tokyo, St. Kitts and new offices on the way in Sweden and Budapest. Our commitment to spreading the widespread adoption of Bitcoin through a global presence creates an unrivaled experience for our people. We regularly fly our staff around the world to experience new places, meet industry leaders, attend seminars, listen to talks, and host events we sponsor. While working for Bitcoin.com, you are sure to receive a couple of new stamps on your passport. We also fly our entire company to St. Kitts every year so we can work together, meet each other, and talk about new products we are launching.

Get Paid in Bitcoin!

We believe in Bitcoin, and use it as intended. All salaries are paid in BCH, the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable cryptocurrency in the world. As a community, we are constantly pushing the boundaries on how we can use digital currency in our everyday lives. Compensation in BCH is far easier, more useful, and more lucrative than most would think. Are you curious?

Cutting-edge Technology

From our wallet, to our mining pool and games site, Bitcoin.com is the industry's leading technology, news, and cryptocurrency business in the Bitcoin space. Everything we do is with a commitment to excellence and our explosive growth is a testament to our culture, our teams, and our leadership.

Work With Industry Leaders

Every single person in the Bitcoin.com organization has a compelling and unique story about how they transitioned from traditional markets to this disruptive global force known as Bitcoin. Coupled with our modern, progressive workplace culture, our ‘always listening and evolving’ mentality, you can bank on the fact that working with Bitcoin.com will change your life for the better. Visit our about us page for more insight.

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